About The Paper Bureau

The Paper Bureau opened its virtual doors in 2021. We love everything paper. Our aim is to be an emporium of uniquely designed paper goods.

The Paper Bureau is ran by a small family company called Uncommon Tee. Samuel, Uncommon Tee’s founder, started the company in 2017 in his makeshift office under the stairs (a bit like Harry Potter). Where he steadily grew his novelty clothing business.

One day he was searching for a high quality birthday card, something that was well designed and not your typical tacky card design and a card that wasn’t overpriced. This set off a spark in his head, realising that he had found a small gap in the market. On the same day, he came to the end of his notebook, so set out to look for a replacement. He came to the same conclusion, there wasn’t any beautifully designed notebooks, well there were some, but they came with a massive price tag.

Sam filled his idea away in his notes app, months passed and the idea had slipped his mind. A year later and he was back in the same situation again, looking for that special card. The idea he had the previous year came flooding back. This time he knew he had to take action. This is how The Paper Bureau was born.

Our aim at The Paper Bureau is to be an emporium of uniquely designed paper goods, without huge price tags. Take a look at our beautifully designed cards, notebooks or photobooks, we know you’ll love them.

Our Products

Greeting Cards

Wanting to send your loved ones a beautifully designed, high quality card? Look no further. Browse our curated collection of greeting cards, there’s designs for any occasion.


You just can’t beat paper notes. Get your thoughts, dreams or goals down on paper, stay organised in style.